Don Quixote’s Claim

Herzliya Theatre Ensemble
Premiere: September, 2008

Directing: Ofira Henig
Set Design: Eithan Levi
Costume and props Design : Noa vidman
Light Design : Felice Ross
Sound Design: Harel Tabibi

Actors (By order of appearance)

Don Quixote: Shalom Shmuelov
Sancho Pancha: Moti Kats
Alfredo: Yoram Yosephsberg
Duke: Nimrod Bergman
Duchess: Anat Federshneider

Assistant Director and Show Manager: Ruthi Geffen
Assistant Costume: Aviah Bash-Sokol
Assistant Set Design: Smadar Montag

Production: Edna Twig
Technical and light management: Rafi Ovadya
Manufacturing management: Yossi Ben Sason
Stage Manager: Aviahi (Shoko) Ziv
Sound: Shahar Ben Hamo, Ran Raviv
Props and Dressing: Hani Meoded / Nava Frenkel
Set manufacturing: “Theatre Work-Shop”
Costume manufacturing: Galina Goltsman
Props manufacturing : Michal Yaakobi
Wigs: Osnat Adi-Sagi

Poster and Program Design: Adi Shafran & Tom Kremer
Poster Image Photography: Aline Lev Har
Stills Photography: Gerard Allon

D.V.D and documentation: Yonathan Zur
English Translation: Emmanuel Witzthum
Program: Yaniv Shachar-Eliraz and Ronit Lerer-Shpak

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes (no interval).
Premier: September 2008.



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Contemplation on Politics, Don Quixote and the relationship between them

I was watching T.V. one evening, we had just started rehearsing. That silver monstrosity in the living room was broadcasting the news and I was trying to follow the events, desperately trying to update myself in current affairs. I listened to the incessant flow of arrogant words, so sure of themselves and of their description of the reality seen on the T.V. and wave of nostalgia rocked me. A yearning for Don Quixote's complex and rich description of reality. 

In our social and political reality, in a world which defines its reality as a binary code of black or white, and subjects as good or bad, the work on this unique play awakens a yearning. A yearning for Don Quixote's view of the world through a lens of Nuance, uncertainty, longing and imagination. Oh! How this viewpoint is sorely missed. One which affords us a richer life, one of searching and contemplation. The Don rises and falls out of this perspective, his dreams flower and bloom and are shattered, he loves and is also desperate in his loneliness, he remains trapped in the same place but at the same time creates a wondrous world, which defies time and space, from the fruits of his imagination. 

Don Quixote awakens the essence of uncertainty in us. He raises questions concerning the reality we perceive. He is an alternative to the crudeness of speech, cliché, and slang formulation; to the militant ideology that is based on things being taken for granted and prejudice. When we embark on the journey, with Don Quixote and Sancho Pancha, his adjutant, we touch innocence, while at the same time we touch the beauty of wisdom.